Well, I soon learned the White has one very distinct difference from other treadles. The top of the hand wheel is turned away from the operator to sew. Sure, the wheel will turn toward the front as in other machines, but the thread will bunch up and make an awful mess. Turn the top of the hand wheel away from you to begin sewing. That was lesson No. Apply a small piece of masking tape to the bobbin winder shaft if you are using modern bobbins. Reduce the stitch length to 0 or 1 to lock in stitches. These bobbins are brand-spanking new and shiny. In the bobbin case, they work just fine … but, the center hole is larger than the older bobbins, so they spin on the bobbin winder instead of winding on the thread.

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This machine has been with me for 7 or 8 years, it came from an estate sale in the Chicago land area. While the World’s Fair in Chicago was indeed held in , it is difficult to say if this machine was actually sold at the fair it is possible that White Sewing Machine Company had a booth at the fair , or if the badge was just added to machines sold during that time in commemoration of the fair. Whatever the case, it’s a pretty cool looking tag, isn’t it? This is also an interesting finish on this machine, which is sometimes referred to as crinkled, wrinkled, and affectionately nick-named “Godzilla” finish by sewing machine collectors.

I won’t get rid of this machine, but I also don’t sew on it.

This is a complete treadle sewing machine with a patient date of which was sold to Lena Johnson in with a 5-year warranty and a $65 original bill of sale.

After copies were pressed onto the paper, the paper entered the cabinet under the copier, where it dried on a large roller. An attachment was used to cut dried copies off the roll. Numerous companies produced roller copiers over a period of three decades. For example, Plate 11B shows a Rapid Duplicator that was advertised in Copies could be made more quickly with a roller copier than with a letter copying press.

It was claimed that nearly papers could be copied in two minutes with a roller copier. Roller copiers also competed with carbon paper. It was claimed that a roller copier could make a half dozen copies of a typewritten letter if the letter was run through the copier several times. It could make a dozen copies if the letter was written with a pen and good copying ink. Referring to roller copiers, Chas. Sweetland,Anti-Confusion Business Methods, , p. Rapid Roller Copier Plate 11B3.

This machine was similar to roller copiers but copied onto loose-leaf paper.

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How much is a Kenmore Sewing Machine model I just bought a Kenmore Sewing Machine model To me it is priceless, except having a little tension problem right now, …first problem!! The condition of the sewing machine is irrelevant. There is nothing wrong with this particular make or model. Ninety-nine percent of these older, electro-mechanical sewing machines aren’t worth anything because the cost of having it serviced approaches or exceeds the price of a NEW machine from a discount store.

history of the company Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the Standard Sewing Machine Company began manufacturing sewing machines in Standard was one of the many manufacturers that sprang up shortly after the dissolution of the Sewing Machine Combination of Singer, Wheeler & .

Email Print Mar 27, Q: I found this old sewing machine buried in a dirt cellar in my mother’s house. It says “White Rotary,” and there’s a metal plate on it with the serial number FR It also lists several patent dates. The latest is June 3, Can you tell me the history of the machine? Thomas White began producing sewing machines in in Templeton, Mass. The White Family Rotary model was introduced in the late s.

How old is my White Rotary 77 sewing machine, serial number 77-17862?

It is a representation of the Rotary style sewing machine popular in the ‘s. One of the more distinguishing features of these models was the friction drive system and the rotary hook as compared to many oscillator type machines. Most parts, attachments and manuals are no longer available as after market.

White Rotary sewing machine- fair to good condition. 24″ wide, 18″ deep, 32″ high. This would make a great desk without the machine or display it with the machine for a touch of nostalgia.

Donaldeen December 13th I wondered if you have seen the old sewing book, I think it is a Singer book which shows how to do all sorts of fancy stitches on the treadle machine? It shows how to zigzag stitch with the needle stationary and the sewer moving her hand to form the stitches. All sorts of techniques. Yes, I have several treadle machines. When I was a teenager going to take home ec. I lied to the teacher and told her I could sew on the treadle machine.. Cherryrob December 12th That’s my machine too!

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Well, I soon learned the White has one very distinct difference from other treadles. The top of the hand wheel is turned away from the operator to sew. Sure, the wheel will turn toward the front as in other machines, but the thread will bunch up and make an awful mess. That was lesson No. These bobbins are brand-spanking new and shiny. Continue Reading That was lesson No.

Soft Close: Bids placed in the last 2 minutes, lot will extend for 2 minutes. Max Bid: The maximum amount that you are willing to pay, used to bid for you until you win the lot or until bidding has exceeded your maximum bid amount.

The company name of Husqvarna comes from the position of the factory alongside the impressive Husqvarna falls where great salmon leap upstream in the spring floods. The Husqvarna Sewing Machine Company can rightly claim to be one of the oldest companies in the world still supplying sewing machines. Because Husqvarna originally was the arms factory to the Swedish Royal Family and was in business centuries before it started making sewing machines.

Early Husqvarna history is sketchy at best and I have travelled the length of Sweden looking for details. I’ll explain the different spellings in a mo. During the ‘s there was a fortress called Rumlaborg near Husqvarna. Records show that by the name Husqvarna was already in use to describe the Mill House hus-house beside the waterfalls known then as Husquernen. Also villages starting with ‘HUS’ often indicated a fortified encampment belonging to the crown.

Even at this early time the mill was run by the nearby Rumlaborg fortress to manufacture weapon parts throwing axes I presume. Rumlaborg was an important stronghold for the Swedish Crown during the Middle Ages and, as it grew, attracted other weapon makers to the area. Its orders to protect and secure trade and travel.


Comments reneejew , 8 years ago I have an old White Treddle too. I looked up White online a few years ago and they were able to tell me the year by the serial number. Mine is a

Dating a White Rotary w/ crinkle finish (esewing) submitted 11 months ago by numnum30 I picked up a near functional white rotary machine that has the decorations cast into the body and the black crinkle finish.

She attached a picture to her email with this additional message: I bought your book for Mariners Compass and love it. I wrote back and asked her for more of the story and here it is: Sure enough, while the guys were watching football the 3 of us quilting girlfriends worked step by step through your directions. It was probably more fun than it should have been, but felt kind of magical to trust the process. I went home and started making pillows for a February retreat.

Usually 4 nights—we eat, laugh, cry, hike, and worship together during a retreat of our own making.

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Never run Machine with needle threaded without goods under presser foot. Run Machine so that upper side of hand wheel moves from you. To avoid loosening of the needle, always use a screw driver to fasten the same, the needle nut being slotted for that purpose. We particularly request our dealers and their customers to buy their needles and oil from us. The size of he needle should conform to the size of the thread and both be suitable to the material sewed.

Sewing machine manuals are considered a “part,” or an essential piece of equipment to the machine. If you know the make and model of the sewing machine, it’s likely you’ll be able to locate a manual. If you know the make and model of the sewing machine, it’s likely you’ll be able to locate a manual.

My Personal Music Archive: These lists are much longer than the one arranged by rank, which only includes inventions found on 4 or more of the 21 original source lists. This version of the list also contains much more information about the invention, including precursors, improvements and further developments. Thanks to Wikipedia for most of the content and many of the images. For Part 2 of the list , go here. For Part 3 of the list Present , go here. The toolmakers took core rocks or pebbles and struck them with a spherical hammerstone, creating conchoidal fractures that often made an edge or sharp tip and left behind flakes.

The earliest tools of the next period, the Acheulean, lasting from 1. These more complex tools include biface stones, which were worked extensively on both faces, and include the first hand axes. In many areas, the next phase was the Mousterian, which lasted from , BCE to 28, BCE and produced smaller and sharper knife-like tools and scrapers. In Europe, these mostly flint tools were identified with the Neanderthals.

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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. White Sewing Machine Company Year: In , the sewing machine production relocated to Cleveland, OH. In the While Sewing Machine Company became incorporated. White sewing machines were ranked second to those produced by Singer.

Popular New Home Sewing Machines. During its long history, New Home produced many different styles of sewing machines. From the simple hand-crank models to the more complicated treadle machines, a few stood out for their significance or popularity.

White Sewing Machines I have a White “rotary” sewing machine, with serial number A long time ago I found the following information somewhere on the internet and have preserved it here to allow you to share my confusion. I am not a White sewing machine expert, and it has been a while since I have even used that machine. The following White numbers were verified through the company.

You will note that there are irregularities in the stated sequences. Neither we nor the company have any explanation for this. Hopefully, you can use the list for a quick check on the age of your White. VS – the White VS was introduced in Books credit it through the ‘s but White records show it continuing into the ‘s. VS I has round tension on upper arm.

VS II came out in the ‘s.

White Rotary sewing machine Part 1 of 2