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Or is she simply an empty-headed cipher, a pretty projection of every man’s desire and every woman’s insecurities? Asking these questions may mean taking Serena more seriously than I’m inclined to, but they have fast become the theme of “Gossip Girl” Season 4. In the past, we’ve been led to assume that Serena is merely a victim of fate — the girl who ended up in the wrong hotel room on the wrong night, who can’t stop loving either of the guys who had her heart in high school, who fell for a guy who she didn’t even know would end up being her professor.

Now, everything is starting to change. Her refusal to choose between Dan and Nate has gone on for so long it’s become infuriating.

Serena enlists Charlie (recurring guest star KAYLEE DeFER) to go undercover, Gossip Girl–style, to determine why Dan and Blair are spending so much time together and what role an unexpected visitor is playing in their s: 4.

Nathaniel Fitzwilliam “Nate” Archibald is a main character in the Gossip Girl series of novels and on its television adaption , in which he is portrayed by Chace Crawford. Nate appeared in episodes. Nate is considered to be the “golden boy of the Upper East Side. Throughout the show, Nate has been involved in numerous romantic relationships, none of which turned out successful. He once said to Dan; that all his life he has chased after girls that have been wrong for him.

In the finale he is the only main character who is still single. Nate has aspirations for a future in politics, it was for this reason he took an interest in running The Spectator. Jude’s School for Boys. Archibald , is a French socialite, and his father, Captain Archibald , is a former Navy captain and a wealthy banker.

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It’s not like he’s been waiting for her or anything. But still, the only thing he can do is grab her bags and tell her to come inside. Gossip Girl – Rated: Nate and Serena moving in together. K – English – Romance – Chapters:

Gossip Girl boss Sara Goodman discussed the aftermath of Dan and Nate’s team-up, why it was important to introduce a new family connection and what kind of damage Sage could do.

Not surprisingly it was a tad anticlimactic. The episode starts the day after Serena tells Blair her secret and Serena is nowhere to be found. Blair asks her two exes, Chuck and Nate, who now hate each other to meet at her place and she arrives home with a horribly hung-over Serena. She has a point. I mourned the loss of their relationship for 4. Poor Dan is getting played like a nickel slot machine at a Vegas mini-mart.

An all day sucker, that Dan. Georgina wanted a Serena sex tape and planted a camera in a hotel room where she and some guy named Peter were hanging out and getting ready to party the night away. But Serena spent most of her time wearing the buzzkill crown processing the lousy thing she had just done to her best friend. The guy did a line and started convulsing in a way that would indicate that the party was over. Serena still managed to call on the guys own cell phone and then she waited across the street to see if the paramedics helped him.

Gossip Girl – Season 1

A brief history of Dan Humphrey being the worst. Sep 19, Getty The revelation that Dan “Lonely Boy” Humphrey was Gossip Girl all along was a fitting end to the show, in the sense that it was an incomprehensible mess best enjoyed as self-parody. Co-creator Stephanie Savage has claimed that Dan as GG was always the plan, and that the pilot even had to be recut because one sequence seemed to make the twist too obvious.

Dan literally writing himself into their narrative, penning snarky commentary on his relationships with Serena, Blair, et al while playing the innocent nice guy, is a potentially amazing antihero story.

Gossip Girl sometimes takes itself a little too seriously and can often feel a little too icy. But this episode was warm (Cyrus is the best — Wallace Shawn should become a regular) and funny.

Tokiwa Takashi from Ask Dr. However, being completely devoted to the one girl who isn’t interested turns him from that to a Stalker with a Crush. He is aware of it but is already devoted to Julis Riessfeld, who is too prideful to admit her affections. Junior High ; however in-series, romance is nonexistent. America of Axis Powers Hetalia. Two or three sketches have him swooned at by many girls. When he finds out that several girls are in love with him he almost has a mental breakdown.

It appears to run in the family; his widower father Harumi has several coworkers who crush on him, and two little girls at the daycare fight over Takuya’s little brother Minoru. While he’s initially overshadowed by expert lady killer Griffith during the Golden Age Arc, the series sees him gradually attract a large number of female admirers despite not even trying to or wanting the attention.

Causes vary from his handsome looks , badassitude, hidden vulnerability , sense of ideals, blunt candor, capacity for rage and violence , capacity for kindness , or some combination of the above. At the royal dance to celebrate the recapture of Doldrey, he gets surrounded by curious noblewomen, and has to suddenly excuse himself to avoid the hassle.

At that time he loved Casca and left the Band of the Hawk thinking he didn’t have a chance with her, but upon his return she chose him instead of Griffith. The Eclipse ruined what they had, but that was just the beginning of Guts’ lady trouble. There has been a substantial number of teenage girls with a Precocious Crush on him, including Collette, a priest’s daughter, Jill, an abused village girl, and Schierke, a witch-in-training though it’s arguable the latter examples also see him as a father figure.

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Jude’s School for Boys. His mother, Anne Archibald, is a French socialite , and his father, Captain Archibald, is a former Navy captain and a wealthy banker. He has been dating Blair since middle school.

Nate handles a Serena episode better than Dan. Nate went through a similar situation wtih Serena in season 3, that Dan went through with Serena in season 1. Lets compare how these guys handled these similar situations.

A pretty, blonde freshman at Constance Billard, [2] she tries desperately to fit in with Blair’s clique, but Blair makes it difficult for her, subjecting Jenny to the rules of high school hierarchy. A possible friendship ends when Blair discovers Nate’s lingering feelings for Serena and Jenny’s interest in Nate, entailing further cruelty to Jenny.

Blair’s friends shun her for her hypocrisy and establish Jenny as the new Queen Bee of Constance Billard. Lacking self-confidence because she is not as rich as the other girls, she sells her sewing machine and barters an expensive dress she stole from one of her friends. When Blair throws her a surprise birthday party, the other girls discover that Jenny stole the dress, bringing Blair’s scheme to fruition.

Jenny retaliates by bringing Nate with her to Blair’s victory party and winning the girls to her side. Jenny thinks she’s found true love with Asher Hornsby, but their romance is short-lived when she discovers that he is gay. He convinces her to say that she lost her virginity to him in order to dispel the rumors that he is gay, promising that as long as she pretends it’s true, he’ll give her privileges that the Upper East Side can offer.

Gossip Girl Series Finale: Where Does Everyone End Up?

Dan Double-Crosses While Chuck And Blair Double-Team This week’s episode wasn’t quite as infuriatingly regressive as , but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to feel much empathy for any of the characters when they’re all such manipulative, selfish wastes of oxygen. I know, welcome to the entire premise of the show. This week’s ” Gossip Girl ” wasn’t quite as infuriatingly regressive as episode , but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to feel much empathy for any of the characters when they’re all such manipulative, selfish wastes of oxygen.

I know, I know, welcome to the entire premise of the show. But while their irresponsible behavior was somewhat forgivable when these entitled Upper East Siders were in high school, shouldn’t they have learned something after five years of making the same mistakes over and over again?

The season opened with a summer vacation in which Chuck and Dan slept with every woman in sight, Serena was pretending to date Nate, Nate was having an affair with an older woman (Mädchen Amick), and Blair was dating an English noble.

Edit Add an image During Pilot , Nate hopes to give a romantic relationship with Serena a real chance when she returns from boarding school. However, Serena refuses, not wanting to hurt Blair anymore than she already has. Before sleeping with Blair for the first time, he tells her that he had sex with Serena. She eventually decides to forgive Nate but orders him not to talk to Serena again. While there, he runs into Serena’s new love interest, Dan Humphrey. At Bart Bass ‘ annual brunch for his foundation, he asks Serena if they can have a private moment to talk.

However, Blair is determined to have sex with Nate and happily obliges when Chuck Bass gives her a key to his suite to do it; not knowing Nate is planning to meet with Serena up there. When he arrives with Blair, she discovers he was planning to meet with Serena and angrily tells Dan what happened. Later that day, he agrees not to talk to Serena again to stay with Blair.

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