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Saltwater Fishing Rigs and Tips

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Depending on the bait or lure you are using, choose a stout circle hook from 4/0 – 10/. Most Captains use a 6/0 size hook when targeting tarpon with small crabs and threadfin. I also use a 6/0 circle hook when using Large Hogy Soft Baits for tarpon.

While Muenzner would move on to crank out some solo releases as well as hook up with various bands such as Spawn Of Possession, Paradox, Alkaloid and Eternity’s End, OBSCURA retained a great deal of the his influence, that being the delicate balance of tech death metal bombast with the reverie of classic progressive rock. Throughout OBSCURA’s history only founder Steffen Kummerer has remained the glue that keeps the band together but somehow through thick and thin he has proved to be quite the director of the ever rotating cast of stunningly brilliant musicians who cross paths with him.

As “Clandestine Stars” abruptly begins DILUVIUM, it’s clear that OBSCURA aren’t wimping out as they mature but rather place their wisdom in better musical constructs rather than less intensity however this album isn’t afraid to experiment or continue bold and daring bouts into the progressive metal world in the least.

The opening track announces the bombastic return of Germany’s premier tech death metal band with a vengeance but soon begins the welcome contrasting sounds by incorporating some cool coded vocals that i personally haven’t really heard since Cynic’s debut “Focus” all the way back in 93, well at least not as well incorporated into a heavier metal sound and not just for one track but the coded vocal effects find their way scattered throughout the entire album. Unique for the band and the album for that matter is the track “Ethereal Skies” which utilizes some symphonic effects in the from of cello, violin and other string arrangements but don’t worry – this track is still a brutal beast with the full death metal bravado, neoclassical guitar wankery with the string arrangements simply adding a bit of ambience and a few moments in the spotlight.

DILUVIUM simplifies the compositional constructs a bit and there are less meanderings into the arcane prog world which the previous two albums dived into, however simplicity is not in OBSCURA’s vocabulary and new forms of complexity emerge with the riff changes, Sebastian Lanser’s technical drumming craziness as well as Linus Klausenitzer’s excellent fretless bass workouts. The return of V. Santura’s excellent production skills guarantee a continuation of the beautifully mixed subtleties that marry the sensuality and aggressiveness fitting for a 21st century extreme metal album.

All of this is great news for those who dislike long drawn out bouts of spaced out sonic surfing into the sonicsphere and eschew the heavyhead banging bombast that fans of this stuff are utterly addicted to. Being both a proghead as well as a metalhead, i do not prefer one or the other finding both styles compelling but something about DILUVIUM screams seasoned metal band reaching new heights of glory.

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It sits on the east side of Hwy. The beach is dog friendly as long as they are on a leash and they are cleaned up after. The sites are spacious and have a picnic table, fire ring and pedestal barbeque.

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Several operators sell cabin space on charter yachts as part of week-long boarding events that are as much about the time on the beach as they are time on the water. Equipment can be rented or purchased at several local shops. For paddle boarding, in addition to racing and long distance cruising, the BVI has become a fantastic back drop to get into the sport — namely the friendly and welcoming company Breeze Paddle Surf, an organisation spearheading the grand surge of Paddle in the community.

In the summer months, you can stay on the water and enjoy the view. Windsurfing and Kite Surfing have evolved past their competitive nature and both sports enjoy the same conditions with Nanny Cay and Trellis still maintaining hot spots for launches in side shore conditions with ocean swell. Along the North Shore is fairly tricky for launching and for wave sailing. In summer, expect strong SE winds with trades blowing hard in July.

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Now this is a good one.

And this is one experience they will always remember–surfing with Ivan and Hook Up Surfing in Hawaii. They all wanted to say thank you Ivan for making their trip a blast!! Mahalo. Ask Regina P about Hook up Surfing. Thank Regina P. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC TripAdvisor reviews.

Joseph Simonds on July 2, Get our best posts delivered straight to your inbox: Like Salt Strong on Facebook: If you have ever been saltwater fishing, the chances are good that you have used shrimp as bait before. Shrimp can catch everything from sheepshead off of the pier, to redfish on the flats, to grouper, snapper, and cobia offshore on wrecks. Shrimp is that bait that most kids learn to catch their first saltwater fish with, yet it is the same bait that even the most seasoned anglers and fishing guides frequently turn to when they want to catch consistent and big fish on live bait.

And out of the countless ways to catch different species of fish in the ocean, the shrimp has remained the most overall used bait dead or alive in America. Want to catch more consistent inshore fish? But did you know that how you hook a shrimp really can have an impact on how many fish you ultimately catch? Meaning, you should be hooking your shrimp differently depending on how, what, and where you are fishing.

This first one is from our friend Sam Root of SaltyShores. George Valverde, and this particular shrimp hooking technique was a new one for me personally.

How To Hook Shrimp Like A Fishing Pro [VIDEO]

One of the most frantic and exciting, yet frustrating and argument causing games out there is that of Overcooked. But in order to keep the flames of the local and online multiplayer scenes constantly high, Overcooked 2 needs to move with the times, and that is why we are seeing the addition of new levels, new recipes, new chefs and new ideas being brought to the madness of the kitchens.

Running separately from the main campaign, and having its own little tale behind it, the opportunity to take our chef squad to the beach or cause chaos in the poolside kitchen once more is something that should not be ignored. Getting these things wrong is a constant worry. Thankfully they work very well indeed — as long as you and your fellow chefs can manage to get a decent strategy going.

The Saltwater Edge was established to share our passion for saltwater fishing. We offer a very complete selection of surf, fly, inshore and offshore tackle.

This is a powerful Android tablet which is capable of decent framerates in recent games and comes with a few features which help make this a great purchase for any gamer. Firstly, the left and right edges are rubber coated to reduce the chance of you dropping it whilst playing. Secondly, the top and bottom edges contain speakers, meaning the tablet provides stereo audio as opposed to a more common mono output. The K1 has two features that, when combined, make it the ultimate gaming tablet, although they do come at an additional cost.

This tablet supports the Shield controller, which is an Xbox style games controller you can connect and use to get superior control in the game. This is a huge advantage since games generally have touchscreen controls and some kind of games like FPSs work better with a controller. Next, you can sign up for GeForce Now although the first three months are free with your purchase , which is a subscription service NVIDIA offers that allows you to stream p games directly from their servers to your tablet.

This means that without installing the games, or waiting for them to download overnight, you can hook your tablet up to a big screen, connect a controller and play p console games with little to no lag. This is a fantastic solution to the limited gaming capabilities of a tablet, and although this tablet is powerful enough to compare to similarly priced alternatives, its main selling point is that for anyone looking to play console games or new releases, this is the best solution short of buying a console.

The tablet is based on an octa-core bit CPU with a four-core 1.


These different species of catfish are very different in many ways, as are the techniques used to catch them. For instance if targeting flathead catfish it would be common to bait hooks and then leave fishing rods in rod holders for an extended period of time without moving them. For blue catfish or channel catfish, one might use a similar technique but just as common and effective is fishing with the rod in hand and holding the rod for an extended period of time. The first group are those that target numbers of catfish and want to catch as many as they can as fast as possible.

These anglers typically target blue catfish or channel catfish.

Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging center, or meet in person. Do not hastily offer any personal information. Trust your instincts; do not meet with someone if something does not feel quite right.

Streaming Audio Carefree connectivity is here New SurfLink Mobile — combined with our wireless hearing aids — is everything a person needs to talk on the phone, enjoy TV and music, and more! Once synced with a wireless hearing aid wearer’s cell phone, SurfLink Mobile can answer incoming calls, control volume on both the phone and hearing aids, and more.

In fact, the phone never needs to leave the user’s pocket, as JustTalk turns their hearing aids into both microphone picks up their voice and sends it to the person they’re talking to and receiver streams recipient’s voice directly to the user’s hearing aids. Going out to eat just got fun again! Simply place it in the middle of the table and the speech from those around the user goes directly to the hearing aids — making it easier to hear what everyone around the table is saying!

Just place SurfLink Mobile on the podium and it transmits the speaker’s voice directly to the wireless hearing aids, so users shouldn’t miss a thing! Now, wearers don’t have to turn the volume up loud in the room to hear it at a comfortable level. They’ll be happy — and so will their companions!

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Mystic Majestic X Sizes: This harness feels slightly more traditional in overall shape and width, but with the added stiffness and locked in feel of the carbon back plate it delivers a comfortable, locked in fit. The Majestic X can be equipped with either the fixed hook, or rope slider spreader bar systems. The slider rope for surf also has one of the widest length spreads of any of the rope style connections which further enhances comfort and mobility when riding toeside.

Harness Hook, Ropes and more… The performance of the hardshell harness design is even more apparent with the use of the traveling spreader bar systems.

MXQ S85 Android TV Box (Amlogic S) Review. MXQ S85 (aka MXQ OTT TV box) and EM6Q-MXQ are two main Full HD H Android media players based on Amlogic S currently selling on Chinese online stores. Ps.. thanks for the review and keep up the good work Cheers and thanks. Vote Up 0 Vote Down Reply. 4 years ago.

Millions of users browse the site every month and never end up clicking over to an advertising partner or booking anything. The company on Monday took steps to address the issue, as it launched a new homepage worldwide that provides a content and social feed to those users just stopping by for a look or perhaps some travel inspiration. In other words, TripAdvisor hopes to monetize these people surfing for travel inspiration — eventually. One of the key takeaways from the homepage redesign, which is full of travel content, and publishers and people to follow if users want more, is that TripAdvisor is not letting its new travel feed on the homepage interfere with users who are browsing its hotel, things to do, and restaurants pages, and are close to booking something.

The travel content appears in a large center column; to the left is a column where users can post videos and photos; and a column at the right of the page suggests publishers and sites to follow. The publishers post content and get links to their websites, although some of the links have consumers remaining on TripAdvisor. There is also a Facebook integration, showing users hotels their friends have stayed at or written reviews about.

The content in the travel feed has elements of personalization. I stayed in Langkawi, Malaysia a few months ago, and because I was signed into the site Monday, TripAdvisor showed me a selection of Langkawi hotels because it said I had previously viewed hotels there. It also showed me a selection of Chicago hotels for the same reason. Hopefully for TripAdvisor, it will turn these casual browsers into bookers at a later point.

See full article The Skift Daily newsletter puts you ahead of everyone about the future of travel.

Beach Fishing Set Up: Don’t waste your money