From time to time, I will write about happier times in my wanderings and residence in Dar ul Islam. Long ago, I traveled the area where they were taken. Over a long life things change, and not always for the better. In I was twenty, and spending a year in the Philippines going to classes at Ateneo University, living with my parents in Manila. During school breaks I took trips around the islands. At the time of the last free election before the Marcos regime became semi-permanent, I went down south to Mindanao and Jolo. Before living in the Philippines, my family had been for many hears in Indonesia, and later Costa Rica. They had extensive plantations and copra processing works.

40 die in Baghdad massacre as Shia militia go on rampage

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Islamic Environmentalism The Call to Eco-Jihad Gradually – and unnoticed by most Muslims – Muslim intellectuals and scholars have, since the late s, been developing an Islamic environmental theology.

Posted in humor , politics , religion by jerrydickerson8 TerroristMingle. Their use of social media as a propaganda tool, for example, is the envy of the uncivilized world. However, their latest effort outshines all of their previous projects by a long shot. Last week Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the innovative band of degenerate religious zealots, announced the launch of a dating site that would be available for his weary and often desperate troops.

The new site is called TerroristMingle. That way, a terrorist can choose a real soul mate to spend some time with before he is incinerated by Hellfire missiles from Allied ground attack aircraft.

Love Jihad

Share this article Share Lieberman insisted Israel has no interest in an escalation but said ‘The Strip is still the terror kingdom,’ amid fears of retaliation. For at least two decades, the goal of US-led diplomacy has been a ‘two-state solution’, meaning an independent Palestinian state living side-by-side and at peace with Israel. But neither Trump nor his aides have publicly recommitted to a two-state solution, instead saying it is up to the two parties to work out in peace talks.

Islamic Jihad said it will wait for a ‘suitable time’ for revenge as Gaza’s Hamas rulers try to keep tensions with Israel at bay Members of Palestinian security forces loyal to Hamas pray near the border with Israel, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip Asked during a visit to London to commemorate the British declaration of support for a Jewish homeland if he felt now was the moment for peace in the region, noting Trump’s involvement in peace efforts, he said: It wants the destruction of Israel and the establishment of a sovereign, Islamic Palestinian state.

Iran is a major financial supporter of the PIJ.

Among them was year-old Yusra Hussien, from Bristol, who is believed to have been recruited through extremist dating site Jihad Matchmaker in The site, which stated that it was based in.

Munir Mohammed buying bomb materials. He met his partner on SingleMuslim. Both had denied the charges. The court heard how when Mohammed was arrested in December he had two of the three components for TATP explosives as well as manuals on how to make bombs, mobile phone detonators and deadly ricin poison. Mohammed, 36, from Derby, arrived in Britain in the back of a lorry and claimed asylum in February , the jury heard.

He couldn’t gain asylum after two years in the UK, and worked at a factory in Derby making sauces for supermarket ready meals. Munir Mohammed was found guilty of planning a terror attack in the UK over Christmas He went after El-Hassan, the prosecution claimed, because the year-old said in her profile that she had a Masters degree in pharmacy from University College London. On the site she wrote that she was “looking for a simple, very simple, honest and straightforward man who fears Allah.

They shared extremist views and videos, but also jokes and everyday concerns. Jurors heard he pledged allegiance to ISIS, and offered to carry out “a new job in the UK,” meaning an act of terrorism. He complained that he hadn’t received in instructions, saying in coded language:


Contrary to the perception that the Rohingya militancy has arisen from military repression in recent years, Myanmar’s jihad scourge is decades old, with Rohingya Islamist violence beginning even before Myanmar gained independence in Militancy Rohingya militants have been ‘in the vanguard’ of a global rise in Islamic radicalism since they joined the campaign to push for Pakistan’s independence, Brahama Chellaney writes Rohingya militants have actually been in the vanguard of the global rise of Islamic radicalism since the early s, when they joined the campaign to press the British to establish Pakistan by partitioning India.

It was the British who earlier moved large numbers of Rohingyas from East Bengal to work on rubber and tea plantations in Burma, now Myanmar, which was administered as a province of India until before it became a separate, self-governing colony. Rohingya migrants settled mainly in Myanmar’s East Bengal-bordering Arakan region now renamed Rakhine state.

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Marry So why SecondWife. We are a Muslim polygamy matchmaking service. We set up this service as we believed this is a Sunnah we needed to revive. This service is for practising Muslims who are seeking marraige and accept polygamy as lifestyle What’s polygamy? This is where an individual has more than one spouse and everyone is in agreement. This is not cheating and certainly is not bigamy.

Polygamy is a choice and a way of life for thousands of people worldwide. A polygamist is someone who practises polygamy. Most commonly this will be one man with multiple wives and this is becomes family unit. All the wives are friends and are to be treated as equals. Unlimited searches with no restrictions Save favourites and view your interests All of your images are private to free members Testimonials I like how privacy is the main focus of this site.

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French parents reported to name police for calling their baby Jihad

The hate preachers and terrorists running wild in our midst. June 16, Michelle Malkin The home of the “Happiest Place on Earth” has been breeding killer jihadists and Muslim zealots for years. Omar Mateen, the cold-blooded mass murderer who gunned down 49 people at an Orlando gay nightclub and wounded 53 more before police took him out late Sunday, may have worked alone.

But he operated in the larger context of a teeming, terror-coddling paradise. While tourists from around the world soak up sunshine and dreams at Disney World, Islamic extremism festers around them.

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AFP The French Civil Code states that any first name may be given as long as it doesn’t go against the child’s interest. In the past the name police have banned a series of names that have fallen foul of those rules including Nutella and Fraise. But while the name might seem like a provocative choice in a country which has been hit by a string of terror attacks in recent years, its real meaning isn’t as controversial as you might think.

And the baby is not even the first to be named Jihad in France. According to experts, in Arabic, the name means “effort”, “struggle” or “self-denial” rather than “holy war” as many believe. Jihad is in fact a “fundamental concept in Islam” meaning making “the effort to achieve good” explained co-founder of the Toulouse Centre of Muslim Spirituality, Aderrahmane Oumachar. He insisted that it has nothing to do with the interpretation adopted by terrorist groups.

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In fact, the site has been so successful that high-ranking officials in both al-Qaeda and the Taliban are scrambling to get their own dating sites up. “We don’t want to be left in the dust like we were by all those recruiting videos on YouTube,” said Abu Akmar Muhammad Ali Skyhook, Vice President of Public Relations for Taliban Enterprises.

Email Last Updated Sep 10, 1: Shannon Conley of Arvada, Colorado, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization on Wednesday. She appeared in federal court wearing a striped jail jumpsuit and a brown and black headscarf. She said nothing except acknowledging that she understood the plea and its ramifications. If she cooperates with authorities, prosecutors promise to ask a judge to reduce her sentence.

Officials have said she was determined to help the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militant group in Syria despite their repeated attempts to stop her. She was arrested in April while trying to board a flight at Denver International Airport that she hoped would ultimately get her to Syria, authorities said. Conley’s case has further raised concerns about Americans traveling abroad for jihad.

The FBI has said it doesn’t know exactly how many Americans are fighting abroad. A United Nations expert recently put the number of foreign fighters currently in Syria at around 12,

‘Long history of Rohingya jihad starts with Partition’

Its so beyond gorgous outside! It feels like there is magic in the air. Saturated magic that is breathable and becomes part of your being and psychical makeup as it is ingested into ones lungs. This weekend was so special and magic found me this weekend not just through the air but also through every single part of my life.

The internet is the new way to meet likeminded people and elite single dating sites have become popular in the UK. One of the largest, of these sites is The site is growing rapidly to accommodate 18, new members each week.

Tyson summarizes the hypothesis of John Knox published in , that Acts and canonical Luke was composed as a response to the second century Marcionite challenge: Paul had to be claimed even if it meant shaping his legacy in a more proto-orthodox mold. Acts shows Paul in agreement with the Twelve apostles regularly reporting to the Twelve accepted the apostolic decree — which imposed some Torah restrictions on gentiles — that was authorized by the Twelve and the Jerusalem authorities claiming to be a Pharisee!

The book of Acts, together with other apostolic letters and the Pastorals, allowed for the acceptance of Paul as one among the apostles. Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia. When they came to the border of Mysia, they tried to enter Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to.

So they passed by Mysia and went down to Troas. How to explain this prohibition of preaching in a certain area? This prohibition from preaching in certain areas is striking. It is a unique stand-alone comment. Later in Acts we do find Paul preaching throughout Asia i. Tyson has a suggestion: He does so by affirming that in the very area where Marcion was born and began his preaching, there had been no Pauline mission, thus no association with earlier Christianity.

Conclusion This post completes my notes from the initial argument of Tyson that an early or intermediate date for Acts does not fit any known context for its authorship, but that the late date, between and c.

Always Sunny Clip: Charlie, Mac, & Dennis go Jihad.